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Teri Roche Drobnick

Children's Manuscripts


Here are the summaries of available manuscripts by Teri:

Millie's Mommies

When Darcy and Millie are paired for a school project, they’re not sure they have anything in common. Millie and her mommies dress as superheroes while Darcy plays princesses with her daddy. It’s like they’re from different worlds. Or are they?

(This manuscript has interest from a publisher, so fingers crossed!)


Chocolate Chips and Churros

Gracie wants to make friends with the new girl who is being teased. But Maria doesn't speak any English.  Gracie comes up with a plan and learns that language doesn’t have to be a barrier to friendship.   


Can Chloe Come Out to Play?

Beatrice and her friend Chloe used to play every day. But now Chloe is always sick. Beatrice misses her friend, until she becomes creative and learns that adaptability is the key to friendship.


One, Two, I Love You

A child and her grandparent share their love as they garden together and share the bounty with family.

Here We Go Round the Racing Track - Car Racing

The little race car practices in overdrive every day of the week. On race day, the little race car hopes that his hard work will pay off when the checkered flag goes down!

(Based on the song Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush.)

Here We Go Round the Race Track - Horse Racing

The jockey mounts and, “They’re off!” In this hard driving race, the horses are neck and neck all the way to the wire. But the favored horse falls behind. Who will take the cup and end up in the winner’s circle?

Lola's Lemonade Stand

Lola and her pets are worried about all the homeless animals.  What can they do to help? Working together, they create a project to “Save the Animals”! 


The Mayor of "E" Street

Katie adopts a lonely and curious cat. But when the cat wanders and doesn’t come home, she worries. Everything changes when the cat’s adventurous spirit brings their neighborhood together. 

Tommy Teesox

All Tommy Teesox wants is a friend and a team. When school starts he is teased by the other kids for wearing a cape and mask. But when he helps the neighborhood bully, his bravery reveals the true meaning of friendship. 


Tommy Teesox Goes to Superhero Camp

Tommy Teesox receives an invitation to superhero camp. But he struggles to discover whether he really is a superhero. Only when he remembers his grandmother’s secret motto, does he find his personal superpowers!


All the complete manuscripts are available to Agents and Publishers at Works Copyright.


The Tommy Teesox artwork above is by my daughter, Jamie Drobnick.